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There are opportunities to learn new strategies to avoid repeating damaging patterns. Through personal accountability there are multiple ways to arrive at a solution. It is a humbling process that some would rather not venture to explore. However, it is a freeing and an eye opening experience. Parent coaching may take on many forms; for example mediation works well with teenagers and parents, and families who are blending new members. Unlike family therapy, which may explore the past, family mediation stays present and future focused. Members make agreements about whether to have “difficult conversations”. Feelings are considered, skills are built, and emotional safety is maintained. Making and keeping agreements, trust-building, respect, and honoring boundaries provide the structure for improved relationships and family function. Building effective communication, resolving problems together, setting up the “business of family life”/money-management, strengthening partnership, structuring time effectively, sharing family values are effective in parenting. Always Coaching explores topics such as:


  • Absent parents
  • Parent/child reunification
  • Blended families/step-parents/relative caregivers
  • The grieving process
  • Boundary setting
  • Conflict among parents
  • Healthy consequence/ rewards
  • Communicating with adolescents
  • Technology and child/ren
Do you have more questions about parenting your children than you have answers for?

Your children are calling on you to become the parents they deserve.