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Collaborative Family Law empowers you to resolve your legal disputes without judges, magistrates or court personnel making decisions for you. It provides you with specially trained Collaborative lawyers, mental health and financial professionals to educate, support, and guide you in reaching balanced, respectful and lasting agreements. It also offers you a safe and dignified environment to reduce the conflict and minimize its impact on you, your children, your family and your life, as defined by the International Academy of Collaborative Law Professionals.

Un-Coupling/Divorce Coaching

The Un-Coupling Coaching practice is aimed at reducing the stress of a transition and coaching parents to a productive collaborative parenting partnership. This process can be very stressful on all parties and to have Always Coaching to guide you towards a working relationship helps to turn what is often viewed as a negative experience into a productive one. The role of the coach is to act as an impartial party, facilitating the dialog towards a mutual durable resolution. Un-Coupling Coaching is a healthy approach to un-coupling and keeping the resolution of parenting roles outside of the legal arena.

The courts do not choose to be in family’s business; however, we put them there whenever we are in disputes regarding our children and then proceed to litigation. In essence, we are asking the court to make lasting decisions about our children. Their decision is based on the limited knowledge that is presented to them without knowing the entire complexity of our family. The purpose of a parenting plan is solely a blueprint. The aspiration is for parents/families to move away from the rigidity of following a parenting plan and moving to a plan that is in the best interest of the children and one that can be flexible as the needs of the children change.

Litigation can be a costly and an extensive process especially when the parties are highly conflicted. Always Coaching is knowledgeable about the court process, but DOES NOT provide legal advice. Through coaching, you can discover what your child/ren’s and family’s needs are, create a plan that meets those needs, and anticipate future transitions. Actively engaging life, working with others, entering relationships involves conflict, tension, and stress. The secret is not living without conflict, but living fully with skills to reduce tension, find solutions, and transform painful and unproductive conflict into creative energy for learning, problem-solving, and sustaining meaningful relationships. Mediation and dispute resolution services helps couples and families to a better understanding of each other’s point of view in order to make durable agreements for a better tomorrow. Here are a few cornerstones of mediation:

  • Mediation is voluntary and confidential.
  • Client-centered mediation focuses on the unique needs of the participants and their situation and is tailored to meet those unique needs and achieve the best possible outcome.
  • Participants make the decisions—not the mediator.
  • If you intend to file your mediation agreements with the court, Always Coaching strongly urge participants to review agreements with an attorney before signing and submitting them to court.

Collaborative Parent Coaching

Collaborative Parent Coaching offers guidance through the transition from spouses/partners to co-parents. Whether you’ve been married, lived together or simply have a child you want to raise as collaborative parents, learning to work together in the best interest of your child is the purview of the Collaborative Parent Coach. Most common use of collaborative parent coaching is in developing a parenting plan. However, many parents access the guidance of a Collaborative Parent Coach for implementing their parenting plan after divorce/separation, reducing conflict, and developing practices and protocols that work in two-home families. The decision remains in your hands jointly. Always Coaching is there to walk you through the conversation, deepen understanding of the issues, and creatively generate options that allow for unique and durable solutions. Collaborative parents often seek guidance from a Collaborative Parenting Coach when planning to introduce a new romantic partner to their children and similar significant family events.

  • “How to tell the kids” – Preparing for Divorce/Separation
  • Start off on the right foot for this major family transition
  • Developing a Residential Schedule/Parenting Plan
  • Making agreements that can be used in the preparation of a legal parenting plan
  • Creating a Two-Home Family
  • Setting up a two-home family; creating a secure home base for children
  • Implementing Your Parenting Plan Post-Divorce/Separation
  • Developing practices and protocols that work for strong co-parenting
  • Collaborative Divorce Coaching
  • A non-adversarial, respectful alternative to “fighting” through divorce
  • An Experienced Guide through the Divorce Process
  • Creating strategy, self-care, skill, intention…
Do you need a safe and dignified environment to reduce the conflict?

The role of the coach is to act as an impartial party, facilitating the dialog towards a mutual durable resolution.