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Always Coaching aims to move marriages forward through developing stronger communication skills, learning how to balance life and marriage, as well as helping them gain new perspectives within a covenant relationship. Building a marriage can be labor intensive, it can be monotonous, it can also be challenging, but it has a greater potential to be the best benefit holistically, depending on your perspective. Perspective can determine our aptitude and our attitude in any situation. For instance, a single parent can look at being a single parent as a deficiency and a burden or they could see it from the viewpoint of being a privilege and an honor to be a role model. In preparation for marriage or building a marriage, it’s important to have a road map of the destination the two of you would ultimately like to reach. Without a roadmap, married couples often go off course and can lose sight of the end goal. It is really advantageous to understand potential situations to communicate about prior to running into the pitfalls unsuspectingly. It’s important to know what type of marriage backgrounds the two of you come from and what are the differences in views on marriage and communication styles. Unconsciously, couples often take on the identity of one of the spouse’s biological family. In preparing for marriage or building a marriage there are valuable aspects to consider, such as:

  • In marriage — Do both parties desire to have children? How the children will be raised, disciplined, educated, religion, or the role of extended family?
  • When blending families  — Who does the disciplining? How do you know if your children like your potential spouse? How do you avoid the children sabotaging your relationship? How can you be fair to children from both parents? How to engage the other parent when you start dating?
  • In extended families — Raising your relatives’ children or grandchildren: How do you talk about the children’s parents? How do you deal with the frustration of the extra responsibility? How do you handle forgoing the grandparent role and having to assume the role of parent all over again? How do you raise children in an era where times and technology has changed?
Do you want your marriage to be all that it can be?

As both you and your spouse take action, change is inevitable!